sprouting potatoes

I have just started “chitting” my potatoes.  As always I have got giddy choosing the ones I want to grow.  I went to our local garden centre, Beetham Nursery (beetham nurseries ) where I bought what I needed, mainly main crop as realistically, last year due to the rain and wet I didn’t plant any out until the end May, rather than the February if states on the bags for first earlies.

so I put them out in my egg trays, all happily spaced…. I then went to visit my sister, and just so happened to call in at another garden centre and just so happened to see some other varieties which I “needed”… So I now have 7 varieties of First Earlies, Salad, 2nd Earlies and Main Crop.  With no idea where they are going to fit in the garden.

Potatoes need to be grown in a different bed each year, so I think I am going to be doing some digging.

This years varieties are (with the producers blurb):-

Lady Christle, First Earlies, a great early variety that produced good yields.  good resistance to common scab. suitable for salad, boiling and chips (never made my own chips).

Blue Kestrel, Second Earlies, Taste slightly floury suitable for boiling, baking, roasting and chips.

Jazz, Salad, white skin, cream flesh, grown to produce lots and lots of baby potatoes.

Valor, Main Crop, this is a late main crop, white skins, cream flesh, is double eelworm and blight resistant.

Pink Gypsy, Main Crop, this is an early main crop, red  and white skin and white flesh.

Blue Salad, Main Crop, blue skin and blue floury flesh, a vigorous variety,  ideal for baking, roasting, mashing or boiling.

Cara, Main Crop, beautiful large rounded pink and white skin, cream flesh, ideal for baking.

They are all new varieties for me, so I will keep you updated.  Once I have taken the photographs I will move them into the north facing bedroom, so they don’t sprout too vigorously too early.

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