Valentines Day.. means Eggs

It is a fact not well know, but Valentines Day is the first day of the year that hens start laying their eggs.

So 2 days later, when the red roses are fading (in my memory as I received none), egg numbers are increasing.

It is all to do with  the increase daylight hours.  The first time I was told this , I gave a little shrug and raised an eyebrow… how stupid do some people think I am to believe such wives tales.  Until I went down to the hen houses and there they were…  a mixture of brown, cream, green and blue; large and small.

I have an eclectic collection of girls ( we try not to mention how may boys and are glad we don’t have close neighbours)!

My Araucanas lay the blue/green eggs;

Wynadottes lay the small cream ones;

Faverolles the large light brown ones, and

Pekin’s are the small cream ones.

eggschickens 1

Louis, a pekin


I will post more pictures and details of them as time goes on… but for now I had better get baking.




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