Polytunnel in spring!

I have dreamed of owning a pollytunnel for so long, when I finally got one it was hard not to sleep in it.

The research I carried out into which one was best for me was of gigantic proportions as I had a long time to choose.  But eventually I chose a Haygrove (haygrove.co.uk).  A 6 meters by 4 meters.

The main reason for purchasing a Haygrove over the many other manufacturers was the straight sides.  This allows you to grow taller plans not just in the centre but along the sides.  I am planning on growing lots of different tomatoes, and will still have lots of room for other veg and herbs.

By the time I had got it, cleared the site, made the raised beds and the build it, it was Autumn.  But that didn’t stop me.  I read every blog, book and news article about what to grow and when.  My aim was to have new potatoes and salad over Christmas.  And I did it.


It has been so wet that the potatoes keeled over and the salad was getting mildew.  But 2 meals worth and the kudos of “oh just something a grew”….

It is also a great place to store my tender pots.

but now into the Spring we go.  And the world is my oyster, or the polytunnel my growing heaven.  Now, before I get too giddy, I still have to recall I live in the Lake District, so even in a polytunnel, what may well start to grow in February/March down in Devon, will not take a peak out of the soil until end April/May…

I have just read the morning papers and they are forecasting snow for Easter!

But I have to start, don’t I?  I have shallots and red onions ready to go in and my potatoes are chitting.  But I have to hold my patience, no planting of seeds yet. I will in the next couple of weeks start my beans and sweetpeas. But patience is a virtue I struggle with.


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