Spring has Sprung !!

I love this time of year, although, lets not get giddy, we are still likely to get overnight frosts that will kill off any tender plants i forget to cover. But lets have a quick look as some of the lovely scenes here at the moment …. I first spotted this Pulmonaria officinalis on the lane.  It’s common name of lungwort, as it was thought to have healing properties for the lungs.  It is a really pretty plant which lots of people grow in their gardens. IMG_1852

Here the Pulmonaira is was growing wild along the grass verge of the lane.






The sight of billowing yellow gorse is all over the local fields and a close look shows what pretty little flower it has. Although they do flower in as early as January, when the sun comes out the yellow shines brightly against the dark foliage.  But care is needed, the thorns are ruthless.

And because of this the flowers last longer as there are few animals that are brave enought to nibble on them, but the bushes are a great cover for birds nesting or animals living underneath.


No pictures of Spring can be compete without Narcissus; the beautiful daffodil.

It is said that there are more yellow flowers in Spring than other times of the year, and the reason is due to there being less insects around to polinate them, so they need to be loud and bright to catch their attention and they really could not  do better.


And where would Spring be without lambs.  Here in the Lake District, there are a lot of smaller farms which have not got the barns to bring sheep inside to lamb, therefore these, and other little mites are born outside, usually very early in the mornings. So the better the weather, the greater chances they have. These little ones are new today.


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