Easter Eggs

So I have friends with their children arriving for Easter, so the Easter Bunny is bound to call.  And I need to get some Easter decorations going…

I hate spending money, and I love making things, especially with my chickens eggs. So decorated Easter eggs is a must.

And very easy.  I am also spoilt as having blue eggs to start off with makes for pretty decorations without having to do much to them.

my araucana and wynadotte eggs

So here you go.  Get some eggs, and blow them. To do this, get a large needle and make a hole in the top and bottom. Then blow into the egg at one end, and the contents of the egg, the yolk and white will come out the other, I made scambled egg with mine.

Once you have blowen as many as you need, let the eggs dry.

All you then need is something to decorate the eggs with and something to hang them up with. I used water paints and some ribbon.



painted them first and let them dry, then, using the large needle again, thread the ribbon though the top and bottom, tying a knot at the bottom leaving a loop at the top to then hang.

You can then get a branch and spray paint it. I have found some willow branchest that are about to have catkins. So I haven’t sprayed them and have put the branches in water to allow them to stay alive.







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