What a difference the sun makes

We have had one of the wettest and windiest winters I can remember.  I cannot complain about the floods in November and December as I, and the animals all survived, but the only animals to have enjoyed this winter has to be the ducks.

The chickens stopped laying and although they are free range the area around their huts what just mud, so any eggs there were needed a good clean before I could even tell what colour they were.

The horses have lived in their rugs, but as it never stopped raining I ran out of rugs so they had to go out in rugs which had not dried from the day before.  They didn’t seem to mind, but I did.

And again they were knee deep in mud and their field, well, it would have kept a hippo happy.

But over the last few days, things have got better.  This has allowed me to move the horses into a different field, and take their coats off… It may well not last…. but for now, all is a bit brighter.


Albert and Russell having fun playing

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