March in the Polytunnel

So this is the first March in which I have owned a polytunnel.

So I have gone a bit seed crazy.



I have started off some old tomato seeds I have.  I am not too hopeful that they will germinate, but if not I have plenty of time to sow a second bunch.

I have also sown, French marigold, mother of pearl poppies, Chinese lanterns, sage, nasturtiums, ornamental alliums, love in the mist, cosmos and some ornamental grass seeds.

Again some of these are old seeds, so we shall see what happens.  If they don’t germinate, I can try again. March up north is still very early for seedlings.  I normally don’t sow my Tomatoes till April so no worries if this all goes wrong.

For vegetables, I bought some seeds from D T Brown seeds as sowed:-

cabbage - Red Kalibos, 
purple sprouting broccoli (early).


Growing in the polytunnel is winter salad, this is now coming into flower, but taste ok whilst there in nothing else, beetroot, spinach, leeks (not very big yet), and kale.

The fig tree is going well and new leaves are coming.  The herbs in pots, tarragon and sorrel are doing really well.

The pear grafts are also doing well and it looks as though at least 6 have taken!

I also planted some carrots and beetroot straight into the bed where I had had the Christmas potatoes.

One seed packet I bought from France and they are small ball type.  I have not had these before, so lets wait and see.  I am also hoping that carrots in a polytunnel will avoid carrot fly.


I will do a lot more sowing next month… if I can find the room!

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