April update

We have now sprung into April.  The weather has been sunny with still lots of rain, but what is happening here at WetandWindyCottage?

At the beginning of each month I aim to do a quick resume of what is happening.  My dad used to do this, but in his diary, so this is going to be my diary.  I posted at the end of last month where I was up to in planting seeds etc. This post is to give a more broad picture to include chickens, horses and the landscape and surrounding animals.

Gorse bushes are blooming (see my post on gorse syrup).

The horses and donkey have moved into their spring fields, so now have less mud and some grass.

Daffodils are still in bud, although we do have some flowers.

The snowdrops are slowly fading away, the hellebores are hanging on in

The roe deer in the front field are getting braver and braver, we can walk along the drive and they just raise their heads, and then back to grazing, although I have not got a good photograph of them yet (will keep trying).

I have a robin nesting in an evergreen bush outside the back door (photos to follow when there are chicks).

My incubator is on, with eggs due to hatch this weekend!! And as I type, they have just started to hatch..  keep you posted.

One of my hens went broody so I took 5 eggs out of the incubator and put then under her. Lets wait and see how well that goes.

AND I have sat outside for the first evening with a glass of wine, now I will admit, I was not there very long, but I watched the sun go down with the chiminea lit.

2016-03-13 20.54.20.jpg

And the countryside is generally looking fantastic.

Lets hope for a good spring and summer to come!



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