Gorse flower syrup


The gorse bush flowers from late winter into spring bringing yellow flashed across the fields.  Around my cottage, in neighbouring fields are many gorse bushes making mounds of bright yellow sunshine even on a dull day.  Generally it would be looked at as lazy farming to allow great bushes of gorse in the fields, as it grows in place of grass reducing grazing. It does though, allow shelter for the sheep and lambs as the majority of farmers around here do not have enough, or even any sheds available to be able to lamb inside.

Also the land around me is rented from the local landowner who shoots over the land, as such he requests that the tenant farmers allow gorse to grow as this gives cover the pheasant and partridge.  It is also great cover for the local roe deer who live in the field in font of the cottage (don’t tell anyone)!


This syrup can be made at anytime when there are flowers, but at this time of year the flowers are brighter and stronger and as such so will be the syrup.

Gorse flower is believed to be a remedy for people who have given up hope. Dr Edward Bach (of Bach Flower Remedies) says “Gorse lost all hope and said I can go no further; you go along, but I shall stay here as I am until my death relieves my suffering”!…

Gorse flower helps people to move forward in their lives with greater courage and determination.

I use the flowers as a drink adding lemonade or soda water, or it can be added to sparkling wines.  It is also really nice poured over ice creams. The taste is strong and grounded, but if it is also good for me… keep drinking..


5 large handfuls of gorse flowers, picked with care the thorns are vicious
600ml cold water
250g caster sugar

Bring to boil the water and add the sugar keep boiling for around 10 minutes
Remove pan from the heat
Add the gorse flowers and lemon juice and rind stiring well
Leave overnight
Strain the mixture though muslim to remove all the bits
Pour into a sterilised bottle and store, ideally in a dark place to keep the
Once opened it is best kept in the fridge.


Gorse flower syrup





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