Pheasant with Mango Chutney

The shooting season is well and truly over by now, but, as I live in the middle of a large shoot, the gamekeeper keeps me in good supply of pheasant, duck and venison.  So the freezer still has its fair share of wildlife in it.

pheasant casserole, like the most of my meals is soooo simple.  Take 3 main ingredients, put them in a dish and put them in the oven and ta dah.. delicious food.  If you haven’t got pheasant, the same meal works well with chicken.


2 Pheasants
3 large onions sliced into rings
jar of mango chutney, or other chutney
2 large glasses of red wine
oil for frying


Put the oven on 150C/ 300F gas mark 3
cut the pheasants into joints, I take out the backbone salt and pepper the meat
In a large flameproof casserole dish brown the pheasants in the oil
remove from the pan and replace with the onions, and cook them in the oil until
slightly browned.



spread the onion rings out evenly over the base of the casserole dish
place the pheasant joints on top
spread the joints with the mango chutney
pour over the red wine

Place in the oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours


I serve with mashed potatoes and whatever vegetables are fresh.
As I said, nice and easy. Enjoy



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