A Bird in the hand

I was sat having a coffee, looking at the list of jobs that needed doing, I am good at that. Pondering, planning, saving energy. And there they were Mr & Mrs Robin, hopping about.  I have quite a few pairs of robins in the garden, so no surprise to see them.

I then realised that they were flying into a nearby small evergreen bush, near the back door.  So I had to investigate…

I was very careful, I didn’t want to disturb them. So I had a quick peak and this what I found.  4 beautiful blue eggs, small and shiny.

I backed away, but went and bought some mealworms for my bird table which is in the garden near the nest so as to give mum and dad a bit extra feed without too much effort.

Robins lay 1 egg a day until they have a layed around 4/5 eggs. The femail then sits on the eggs, which hatch 13 days later.

So I left them alone, for a couple of weeks…. I knew the eggs had hatched as both the male and femail robins were going backwards and forwards like a tennis ball with flies, bugs etc for the chicks. I was careful so as not to disturb them, the birds can be very nervous and abandon a nest and the chicks if they feel threatened, but, they were used to me in the garden and they had made their nest right by my back door.. So I had another peak…

Robin chicks are born without feathers, these had already started to get downy feathers so were a few days old. You can see the dark of their eyes, which are not yet open.

In less that 2 weeks from these pictures they will be flying around and helping me in the garden collecting and eating the bugs and worms they find.




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