Wild Garlic aka Ransom

This is the time of year when bluebells start to show and the yellow of daffodils and gorse start to fade as the cool blue carpets appear.

I always think of bluebells as cold, they are often in woods and shady areas where the sun cannot reach its full potential. But I love them, it is a sign that spring is thinking about other colours than yellow meaning other insects are now about and we are heading to warmer times.


Bluebells also go hand in hand with Ransom.  which is one of the first wild plants that needs harvesting and adding to my store cupboards for the year.  Ransom is also known as wild garlic. If you have ever walked through a wood of bluebells, and felt like you were entering an Italian restaurant with garlic bread cooking… then that is ransom.

The whole plant is edible, at the top end are the beautiful white flower heads, these are great scattered over salads, there is then the leaves and stalks, these again can be added to salads,turned into pesto or cooked like spinach but with a garlic twist. At the bottom end is the bulb.  This can be treated exactly as a garlic bulb.  I will also pickle some for later in the year.




As I say, ransom grows wild, so care needs to be taken if picking wild flowers.  I grow my own, along the edge of the field, at the edge of the wood.  I would not recommend that you plant it in your garden as in the right conditions, it will be off and take over the garden within a few years.


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