April in the polytunnel

This month I got even giddier with the sowing of seeds.

For veg, I sowed:-

Red Barron Shallots
Yellow Moon Shallots

Leeks - Blue Green autumn 
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
Cabbage - Tundra F1
Brussel Sprouts 
Dwarf Beans

In a pot I sowed some borage seeds.

I am sowing these for my pottage and for my father in law’s allotment, so no pressure then.

I sowed the seeds on the 5th April, and already they have germinated.

I also sowed my courgette and squash seeds.  I sowed  these in tonic bottles cut in half.  As I don’t have enough propagators I thought this may be a good idea.  It allows me to use enough seed compost for the young plants to grow in, but a good lip to the top of the pot allows light though to give some additional warmth.  As the plants grow I can add water to the bottom half of the bottle so they don’t dry out.


I did have concerns regarding all the tomato seeds I sowed last month and, unfortunately, I was right.

Only a few seeds germinated, and then to add insult to injury the polytunnel got so hot they overheated!

So I have thrown all of them out and started again.  My other half went across to the Spring Flower Show in Harrogate last week and the only request I had was that he brought me back some tomato seeds (how refrained was I)!.  He went to the D T Brown stand and bought the basic tomato seeds so no fuss – no mess!  I therefore have Shirley and Gardeners Delight, my two favourites.  Both crop really well and these are the two my father also used to grow.   I also have a Golden Sunrise, not tried this before but D T Browns recommended it, so I will try.  The seeds are currently sat in my heated propagator, in the polytunnel.

In the beds in the polytunnel, the winter salad has gone off on a folly of its own and I have hacked away at it.  the leaves and stems are a bit tough, but, still edible.  The leeks are coming on great.  The beetroot and carrot seeds sown last month have germinated but are being a bit over crowded by the kale which is really happy and cropping well.  I also have fruit (well one fig) on the Brown Turkey fig tree!

Polytunnel in April
whats growing in the polytunnel in April
Fig tree
fig tree in the polytunnel in April

I have a white cornflower, which I though I had lost,  it was living in a pot outside and was not very happy…. It is now it is here in the polytunnel.  I will need to harden this off and move it outside, but for now I will enjoy the flowers.

White Cornflower
White Cornflower

Everything (ignoring the tomatoes) I planted last month are doing well.
I have struggled with temperature, we have had real heat; for the North, but then snow and hail.  I have had the door and side panel open and then next minute covered everything over with a closh or fleece. This is hard to do when you set off for work at 8 and don’t get back till 6.

Today is the 30th April, Saturday of Bank Holiday weekend, it is currently beautiful and sunny, but the tops of the fells are covered in snow and it is very cold, the forcast is for rain, sleet and snow. … Thank goodness for a polytunnel.




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