May Update

Well, what a month April was, there was not much rain but we went from hot sun… to snow and hail.

The horses haven’t know if they were coming or going, nearly catching a chill one day when I put them out in the sunshine, only for them to be caught in a snow blizzard by lunchtime.

The Ducks; Charles Duckins and his 2 ladies have found the pond in the front field and so who needs a tub of water any more.  They are a bit far away from the cottage and I worry Mr Fox may see them, but there is nothing I can do, I say free range and have to mean it.

The Daffodils are still looking strong, with only a few fading.  but other flowers are out and the blossom on the plum trees is out.

The leaves are also out on my Cercidiphyllum japonicum (say that after a glass of wine), these are small trees also known as Katsura trees.  they have beautiful red/orange leaves and in spring and autumn the leaves have the scent of burnt sugar.  I have 5 of them in the middle garden (which I call the sugar garden) and when you walk through it is like being in a bag of candy floss.  Last year there was a late heavy frost which took all the leaves off leaving very sad-looking trees, so fingers cross this year.

Last year I planted up the first flower bed in the garden, this is in the sugar garden. It has roses and peonies in it.  It did not do well last year, the plants had been in pots for too many years, waiting the owning of the garden never mind the making of the bed, but this year it is looking hopeful. There is definite signs of life!

“We” have built what is supposed to be a strawberry bed in the orchard, but it looks so impressive and large I am not sure I can justify it for strawberries.  For this year it will be potato bed which will help the soil to break down, so it gives me some time to re-think where the strawberries can ultimately go.  This year they are going to be living in baskets.

I have also made an autumn raspberry bed.  The plants  were cutting taken last year and having been growing since then in one of my raised beds in the pottager.  They have been moved and watered in, and then snowed on, so lets wait and see!??!


Some, or I should honestly say, quite a few of my plants are still in pots.  The Sycamore garden bed is now started.  We have put down 3/4 inches of mulch to kill of the grass.  there is not enough soil to dig up the grass, so I will leave this for a few weeks and then add top soil… and then plant. Very excited about this as the majority of the remaining plants in pots will be going in this.


Oh and I nearly forgot… the Rhubarb is doing well!!… Think I need to take the forcer away now.

rhubarb forcers
rhubarb forcers…. going mad

Ohhh.. and my chicks are now 4 weeks old, still under heat, but running around and having fun,  mummy hen has her 2 chicks who are not joining the main flock, but are still sleeping in their own hen house.


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