Venison & Beetroot Casserole

One of the advantages of living in a cottage in the middle of an Estate is that the gamekeeper has to be nice to you.  As such we have a freezer full of ducks, pheasant and venison.   So even out of season I can delve into the freezer and pull out a winter meat.

Venison is one of my favorites; if you go to the local butchers duck and pheasant is still quite cheap, but venison is always expensive so I feel I have a luxury for free!

I make this casserole in advance so it can become even more tender when re-heated.


900g venison cut into chunks
3 beetroots cut into chunks
2 onions chopped
15 juniper berries
1tbsp red currant jelly 
1/2 pt strong red wine
150ml game (or meat) stock
thyme (dried will do)
3tbsp plain flour
salt and pepper
olive oil for cooking



Pre heat the oven to 170C, gas mark 3
In a plastic bag place the venison along with flour and seasoning and mix together
In a heavy bottomed pan heat the oil then cook the venison and onions until browned
Place in a casserole dish along with all the other ingredients
Place in the over and slow cook for 2 hours.

As with all my meals… nice and easy!

I serve with mash potatoes with chestnuts and whatever vegetables are in the garden.





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