France in May

I flew off to Bergerac in France for a few days.  We flew Liverpool to Bergerac, an hour and a half flight, to arrive to a sunny Bergerac.

We were staying in the house belonging to my parents in law, it is beautiful, and I love it.  It is a short drive from the airport in the hills surrounded by vines.

Bergerac is south-west france in Dordogne region, so the season is a lot further on than here in the North of England.  The Roses at the house were stunning, both in numbers, colour and scent.

I am not normally a fan of yellow, but with the bright light they look luminous. And I do think they have the best scent of any rose.

At the back of the new patio are old roses against the west facing wall, they thrive in the sun and again their scent is sublime.


We did a trip out to a neighbouring vineyard, Chateau Bellingard, where we needed to buy a few bottles of wine; or boxes!!

Again their garden was stunning and the iris are at their best

iris garden
iris garden


We also did a trip next door and tried the new 2015 Rose which of course was excellent.

The local restaurant closed last year, which was a shame, it is in walking distance from the house and has always served good food.  The building is owned by the commune, i.e. the local’s and then leased out to be runs as a restaurant so it should be a real hub of the community so when it is closed there is a real sense of loss.

It open earlier this year, with great reviews.Le Relais de Monestier

So we had to go and try.

On arrival we had a glass of Rose and canape on the terrace and then into the restaurant for duck and mushroom in filo pastry and then scallops and prawn with pasta.  The wine was from the local cooperative and went down very well.

On the walk back we went past the village square looking beautiful in the moonlight. We didn’t need a torch the moon showed us the way.

It was a quick visit, but the weather was with us and it is so beautiful and rural so very relaxing.

Just need to get back to my garden now and hope I have not been missed.



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