Orange Drizzle Cake

I was away visiting family last week, I was wanting to make a cake and take it with me, but time got the better of me.  So I thought to take the ingredients with me and bake it there, my choice was then to make an orange drizzle cake.  It is so simple… put all ingredients into a mixer, mix, place in oven and bake.

When I arrived, I had a search around the kitchen and found the mixer, I had taken my baking tin, so all was easy.


175g Self Raising Flour
175g Caster sugar
60g ground almonds
125g softened butter
2 eggs
4tbsp milk
grated rind of 1 orange

for the topping
juice of 1 orange
30g sugar


Set oven at 180C

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix together thoroughly.

Line a 900g baking tin, I use a loaf tin shape, but really anything will do.
I use grease proof paper around the edge and in the bottom just to help get
the cake out once cooked.

Pour the mix into the tin, place in the oven for around an hour.

Whilst it is in the oven, mix the orange juice and sugar together.

As soon as the cake is baked and out of the oven, pour over the orange sugar mix
don’t worry if it looks too much as it soaks in to the make case really moist.

Leave to cool for around an hour (if you can)!




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