May in the Pottager

We are at the beginning of June, the best month in the garden for me. I love the early summer flowers, the fact that everything is green and sprouting into life.  This year has also been a very hot one so far.  Whilst the South of the country as seen rain and been cold, we have backed in warmth and sunshine.

Unfortunately, due to family illness the plan to have the sycamore garden planted has not happened, driving over to see family in York has taken priority, which has ment that plants which I had planned to be in the ground by now, are still in pots and as such not very happy with this warm weather and lack of rain.  I have been out with my hose pipe as much as I can, but there have been losses and die back.

That said, the plants which are in the ground have thrived.  This time last year I was still recovering after having a late frost which cost me some plants and a couple of trees.

My otherhalf bought me some bulbs earlier in the year and I have put them in pots down in the pottager for pretty colour, they have just started to come into flower. Camassia leichtlinii “Alba”.  I have not seen it before but so far looking great.

In the pottager I got planting…


I put up a tepee and planted out runner beans (Armstrong). underneath there are 3 courgette plants.

At the left hand side are some Cosmos, Sarah Raven’s seeds.  Hopefully they will bring a lot of colour to the pottager, which is how pottagers were designed to be, both decorative and productive.  They are all planted together closer than they should be as I just don’t have the space.  But overcrowding is ok, if needed I will thin out as they grow.

The asparagus bed and also come to life this month.  There is not a huge amount, I think this is due to not enough rain, but still enought for a few meals.
















I have also planted out some purple dwarf french beans and yellow and red shallots which I have had growing in the polytunnel.


There are still quite a few plants in the pottager from last year which are still producing food. There is purple sprouting broccoli, chard and kale which are happily keeping us in veg but they are now running to seed. So some have had their flowers cut off in the hope that they will keep producing long enough for the new seedlings to take over.  And some have been pulled out to make room for the new kids.  I have planted some cauliflower seedlings, again grown in the polytunnel and have some chard, and other greens to plant out this week.

I have some self seeded aquilegia growing in one of the beds, but it is too beautiful to remove.


All in all I think it is looking good.  Hope you agree.

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