Polytunnel in May

May has been a busy month, due to family illness over in York, I have not been as attentive in the garden as I could have been, driving over the York instead.

I have also struggled with temperature, Yes temperature in the Lake District!!  over the last few days we have had scorching sunshine whilst the south has had rain and been overcast!!……. he he!!!  A nice change.

But this has ment that some of my seedlings in the polytunnel have been fried. Although I have opened the side vents, it has still got so hot the tops of the seedlings have gone crispy.  I have watered and watered some more, so only lost a few.

It has also ment that the salad and onions planted have not had as much water as they would have liked and have bolted, no, not for the door, but up into the air and then “gone to seed”, which generally means will not taste as good as their energy is now being spent in reproduction.  So I have a few bald spots having removed some plants and whilst waiting for the new salad plants to grow.


I have sown some herbs in pots sunk into the bed, one so they don’t dry out as quickly but also so they don’t spread if they flower before I have used them all.

On the gate planted in the left hand side bed, I have planted 3 dwarf purple french bean plants on the north side and on the south side, so getting the most sun I have planted 2 cucumber plants.  I have never grown cucumber before so lets wait and see.

I have also planted 6 tomato plants directly into the bed. Shirley and Gardeners Delight.

The carrot and beetroot seeds planted last month…. the beetroot are doing “ok” the carrots not as well, also it is where I had my winter potatoes, and as it the way, I obviously did not dig them all out and I have new potatoes coming through in the same place.  I have left them and will just have early potatoes and a very few carrots.

On the tables I have seedlings still going strong, I have had to re-sow some broad beans, the ones I had grown were perfect, so they were delivered over to York and put into the allotment my father in law has there….. only for them to be eaten by a passing rabbit!!  So busy sowing more whilst the rabbit fencing is repaired.

I also still have some tomato plant seedings coming along and some squash and courgettes.

On the table my work bench has now gone to a frantic untidy look where I have not had time to tidy away pots etc.  I am waiting for a raining day, but haven’t had one.


Polytunnels are not supposed to be very pretty, and yes I am sure a glass house would look nicer, but cost a lot more. So as mine is between the pottager and the orchard and as such is very visible in the garden, I try to make it look as pretty as possible.  I have a large potted wisteria on the North corner, next to the door, it hasn’t flowered yet so I don’t know if it is purple or white… have to wait and see.

Inside I have hung solar lights off the roof supports, I love it. Next month, I wil be eating more of the produce.


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