The Garden in May

May has been a great month here at Wet and Windy Cottage, we have had little wind and little rain.  The lack of rain has been a bit of a problem.  I have had to use the hosepipe.

The plan had been to have the sycamore garden area planted by now, but things have got the better of us and we haven’t, so lots of plants still in pots, and not very happy about it. I have lost some and others have died back.

But the sugar garden (called such as it contained my Katsura trees which smell of candy floss in autumn) is doing well.  The “long bed”, which is not very long at all but as long as it gets in my garden is looking good.  The roses and peonies are starting to bud and will be in flower by next month.  I have planted some sweet peas along the path at the end of the bed, putting up some pea netting to help them climb.  this will add additional scent as you head into the garden.

Aquileia plants are looking good.  Some I have purchased, some have self seeded and some have just arrived… It doesn’t matter they are all beautiful and welcome to give extra colour and movement at this time of year.


In the old cottage garden the honeysuckle is going great guns, and behind it is a wisteria which has just started to flower.  The colour combination I love and the scent from the honeysuckle, especially at dusk is overpowering.

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The wildlife, well the chicks that hatched in April are happily joining in with the main birds in the stable yard.  Charles Duckings and his wife are pottering around, I just wish their bedtime was a bit earlier.  They don’t go to bed untill it is nearly dark, which at the moment is between 10 and 10.30!

The weather has been fantastic especially for May.  As soon as it is nearly warm enough I love to eat outside, as here “up north” we spend too many evenings huddled in front of a fire and going to and from work and looking after the animals in the dark. I will eat outside even if the meal is cooked inside. 


Hopefully many more sunny days to come.


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