Well, what a busy week I have had, so busy I have got behind with my blog posts.

As well as everything else that is going on in my life which makes me feel I haven’t got enough time to do anything extra, I have ended up being mummy to 3 ducklings…. Let me start from the beginning.

Last Autumn I bought 3 ducklings, Charles Duckins, his wife Mrs Duckins (who are runner ducks) and Jemima, an Aylesbury duck.

Last month we went away for a night and rather than asking a friend to come and lock our animals away, I risked it, I left them to go to bed by themselves and not shut their huts up.  Well, the ducks decided to go wandering off to the tarn in the front field. And Mr Fox got Jemima.  I am devastated to say the least. The first animal I have lost to a fox in 3 years.  I was only away 1 night, had he been outthere watching and waiting!!!

I had a box of duck eggs ready to sell, so instead I put them under a broody hen.  my ducks came with their “mother” hen, and I have read up that hens are more than happy to sit on and then look after duckings rather than chicks.

The only problem arose when another broody hen decided to share the nesting box, I though good, 2 mothers for the price of 1. Wrong, 2 mothers to fight over the duckings.

I don’t know for sure what happened, but long story short, the 2 hens fought and the duckings got injured. Out of the 5 eggs, one didn’t hatch and 1 died.  The other 3 were fighting for their lives, I put them in my incubator for the first 24 hours to help dry and warm them up.

I then took them inside to care for them.  Their legs were splayed meaning as they got older they would not be able to stand so I bandaged them for a couple of days to help the cartilage in their legs set straight. And it worked.

Liametta and Jemima with their leg bandages
Liametta and Jemima with their leg bandages









The biggest issue with my band of 3 is that they have what is known as “imprinted” on me. Which means they see me as mummy, if I go out of sight, they get very upset.  I have had to take them to work with me, there they were in my solicitors office!! Although the rest of the staff thought they were gorgeous and animal therapy took place in the kitchen when the ducklings were given a bath.

They are now a week old, getting bigger, and happily running around.

That said they are still running round after me!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


SL x




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