It’s raining here!!

We have not had rain in weeks!! This is so unlike wet and windy cottage here in the Lake District…..We only get the lakes from getting the rain.

My chicks were born in April and today is the first time they have been in a rain storm.. and couldn’t we tell,  I ended up having to rescue some as they were getting soaked!


Thankfully it was still warm, so the plants around the gardan have gone wild; you could almost hear the inhilation of the water, and the exhilation of warm air being taken and the plants growing.

In the Pottager, the runner beans have twining for the stars.

In the orchard the fruit trees have gone mad.



In the long border, the roses are coming through, although the rain has then left them struggling to keep their head high, but once it dries out, they will shine.

Happy days




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