Beetroot brownies

I know I keep saying this, but I have finally dug up the last of my beetroot. I keep finding a few more tucked into corners of the garden.  I love beetroot, NOT the awful stuff bought in sealed plastic from a supermarket which taste of vinegar, but the sort fresh from the garden, tasting sweet and great roasted in the oven along with sunday dinner or in small cubes sprinkled over a salad along with feta cheese.

They are also great additive to sweet dishes, and this is a good example.  The beetroot makes the brownies moist and adds flavour, texture is up to you, the finer the beetroot is grated the more it blends in with the other ingredients and cannot be detected.

So a good way of eating one of our five a day! and unless told, many would just take these as original brownies without the added roughage.



 250g Beetroot
 250g salted butter (cubed)
 250g dark chocolate
 3 medium eggs
 250g caster sugar
 150g self raising flour


With your baking tin, approximately 20x20cm. Line it with grease proof paper
Set the oven at 160C, gas mark 4

Boil the beetroot until tender then allow to cool
Grate the beetroot as finely as you like, I leave it quite course
In a bowl over a pan of hot water melt the butter and chocolate
Beat together the eggs and sugar, then mix into the butter and chocolate mix
Add in the flour
Add the beetroot and fold all the ingredients together
Pour into the baking tin and smooth so reasonably level. Bake in the oven for around 20-25 minutes

Cool on a wire rack, cut into square, then eat.

beetroot brownies
beetroot brownies

As you can see mine were slightly overcooked so the top cracked, I don’t mind they taste the same and the beetroot keeps them moist.




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