Rhubarb Gin

This is the first alcoholic drink of the year with home grown ingredients, as the year progresses there will be elderflower champagne (although none alcoholic), ending the year with sloe gin.

Rhubarb Gin is a great start, make sure you use the pink stems as the green looks a bit odd. The taste is that sharp tang which I love and sat outside watching the sun go down with a little rhubarb G&T…. what could be better!!

As with all of my recipes this is very simple…


Fill a Kilner or other airtight jar with chunks of pink rhubarb stems.

Add around 600ml of gin, or cover the rhubarb.

Add a couple of desert spoonful’s of honey. I use honey rather than sugar as it has a softer taste.  I also don’t add that much honey;  I like it with a bit of a bite and being slightly sharpe, if you want sweeter, just add more honey.

Put the lid on and seal.  give a shake to mix the 3 ingredients together and place in a dark cool store.

Leave it for at least 6 weeks, the longer the stronger the colour and taste. I try to keep some from the year before but it often fails to last past Christmas especially if friends are visiting who have been before and remember to check out my store cupboards!

Rhubarb G&T and also Rhubarb Gin with Prosecco, delicious



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