June in the Polytunnel

At last, due to the rain, I had time to potter in the polytunnel and “muck it out”.  Removing all the pots no longer needed, trays etc etc.  It had turned into a workhouse, but an untidy one.  It needed to work, with all the seedlings taking over, but with that came the loss of room for my chair and kettle!

The beds currently look a bit of a mess, I have removed the last of the early lettuce which had grown wildly and had flowered, but I did not want to remove them whilst there was still tender leaves on them and the next lettuce plants were not large enough. Note for self next year, sow more lettuce seeds each month.

I now have room for some of the tomato plants to go in.  I have 11 planted in the beds in total a mixture of Gardener’s Delight, Shirley, both grown by my dad so essential to me, and yellow variety, Sungold.

My first seedlings got killed of by baking in the polytunnel, I went off to work on a cold day, as such I hadn’t opened the vents on the tunnel, the sun came out… the rest is history, quite literally for my tomato seedlings.  So my other half went and bought some seedlings.  Whilst I planted more seeds.

So the bought seedlings are going great guns in the bed, and I have flowers.  My younger seedings, which I also don’t now have room for are in pots, small but doing ok.  I have now lifted the planting table up and put the pots on trays with watering mats underneath to help keep them moist. It will be interesting to see if the seedlings can catch up the bought plants and how many tomatoes I get this year.  Luckily I can never have enought, and if I have too many to eat, I will freeze them for winter treats.

The herbs are doing well and my salads now contain basil, tarragon or sorrel leaves.

I also have some uninvited guests, poppies, but as long as I don’t let them scatter their seeds, I am happy for an odd bit of uninvited colour.

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