June in the garden

In the garden, with the rain and sunshine we have been having, the Nepeta bed has gone wild, quite literally, but the bees love it.

The long bed (my joke as it is short, but the longest I have) has roses and a few peonies taking shape. I have started putting a small fence along it so as to keep my feather friends out, who think it is a good area for a dust bath irrespective of what is trying to grow there.

I do not recall every purchasing or being give an orange rose?  It is not quite my colour choice, so it may be moved, but for now adds “different” colour.

Rambling Rector (the white rose) is doing what he is supposed to do, wander off everywhere and produce a mass of flowers.

The white daisy had somehow planted itself in my pottager, and as can be imagined taken up half a bed, so now it is in a container, and put into one of my terracotta pots. So when it dies back can be put somewhere in the garden for next year.

door step in june
door step in june

Under the Sycamore tree no progress with the new bed has been made, with dashing over to family in Yorkshire little extra has been done in the garden.  But, foxgloves have self seeded and look pretty in the uncut long grass.

I also have some rouge poppies, but they are so pretty they can pop up wherever they like.

Oh I nearly forgot my newest arrival, not that I am in charge, as I have no knowledge, although an interest to learn……

beehive in garden
beehive in garden

Not sure I will get any honey this year, but, if they can survive a wet and windy winter, there is hope for next year.


SL x


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