Pottager in June

It has been a funny old month. We have had a heat wave (for the Lake District), and then rain to knock everything back.  But the pottager is looking ok.

The Nasturtiums are growing in 2 pots and a tub on top of one of the hen houses (out of reach of nibbling chickens).  There are a few flowers, but not too many yet and as soon as they come through I am adding them to salads for additional colour.

The bean poles are being climbed at a great rate by “Armstrong” my runner beans. Lots of flowers but no bean pods yet!

The 3 courgette plants underneath are doing well.  Some flowers so progress being made.  The potatoes which have come up at the end of the bed (left over from last year) are just coming into flower.  So I will start removing them as soon as I can without damaging the rasberry plants which I planted this spring, obviously over the top of the potatoes.

The different colour of the potato flowers are really noticable, in line with the different coloured potatoes.  I have purple, red and yellow flowers.

I have some apples!!  not many but, progress, also some cherries!!! Really, in the Lake District, lets see how they progress.

My gooseberry bushes are coming into fruit and looking great so gooseberry receipies to come soon.

Not strictly in my pottager, but I ran out of space for my courgettes, and strawberries, so I have put them on the roof of the coal shed.  Again out of reach of the chickens, although a little out of reach of me as well. But step ladders and can reach the strawberries which are doing really well.

Hmmm  rhubarb, yes, well, anyone need any rhubarb!  Or an umberella?

rhubarb forest
rhubarb forest

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