Orchid fields

Earlier in the week I was invited out on a mushroom hunt.  I was not going to turn that one down, I love wild mushrooms but unless I have a death wish, I cannot go it alone!

So off we drove heading north-east in the Lake District.

OK, so 2 fields in and there was nothing,  “I got a big bag from here last week” didn’t make it any better.  Oh well would I like to see some wild orchids? Oh now let me think, yes!

A few miles further on, a few left turns and rights – possibly just to ensure I didn’t know where I was in case I had an urge to go back and pick a huge bunch for the kitchen table.

Car stopped, out we jumped and there was quite literally a field full of orchids.  In the Lake District, in the UK, I am not on some Austrian slopes here.  And the different colour and sizes were fantastic.

Then, on the basis I didn’t tell a soul where I was……….. that wasn’t difficult I hadn’t a clue where I was, apart from some miles north of home.  We would head off to find a rare fern.

I have to say it may be rare but it was not too pretty, the tongue fern is very narrow, but if you get up close it is quite intricate.

So lets head back via a little visited tarn overlooking the Howgills, well I know where the Howgills are; they are a rolling back bone of hills between Cumbria and Yorkshire. So off we drove…  and what a great drive and view..


The stone around the whole area is limestone, which is quite soft, and if you looked hard you could see fossils, the one on the left is of a shell.

And then we got back to more flora,


We had driven some miles down single track lanes most of the way, past tarns I never knew existed and having seen more orchids than ever before we ended up at a village called Orton, famous for its chocolate factory, unfortunately by the time we got there it was closed.

I may not have found any mushrooms but I don’t think I mind in the least.


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