July in the Garden

My garden is very much a Spring garden, I have just done a once round to take pictures of what is in flower and there are not too many, it doesn’t help that it is raining and dull.

But this is what I do have, and it is pretty, I have some more sweet peas in the garden as well as the pottage, and some roses in the old garden are still doing well.


So due to not much, I wandered off to the next field to take a picture of the neighbours, and found dinner (no, not beef, a field mushroom).


Jon who is in charge of the bees called earlier this month, had a quick look inside the hive to find that there was already some honey being made and lots of worker bees. So he added another layer, known as a super, with a mesh between it and the main body with the queen bee in. So she cannot get through but the workers, with the honey can. We may have some honey by the end of the year, and the hive still have enough in the main section to keep the bees fed over winter, fingers crossed.

bee hive
bee hive

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