July Feathers

My runner/Aylesbury ducks have grown!  Jemima, Liametta and Luck have blossomed.  They are now 3 months old, and fully grown, and not quite as cute, but still such fun to watch.


the 3 duckateers


I still seem to have a few too many chickens and chicks running around this month, although thankfully, due to it getting a little darker at night, they are now all going to roost now, all be it nearly 10.30.

jubilee orpington and chicks
jubilee Orpington and chicks

My Opingtons are the chicks that fell through the ceiling of the stable in June, they have recovered very well, but do insist on spending as much time as possible in my kitchen.

The chickens in the stable yard, well, how many are there? And who are boys and who are girls.  I have a few ideas there are a couple of obvious boys, but araucanas are very difficult to tell apart until either an egg is produced or a cock-a-doodle-do is heard.

I have people wanting to buy some, I even have someone wanting a cockerel, but until I know who is who, I am left feeding far too many.

Oh…. and perhaps a few more pictures of my duckies…

I have a cream legbar chicken who is wild, I have had a few over the years and they are not a breed I would choose, they are flighty and a bit too clever.  Ellie (as she is called) is off brooding some eggs, she comes out for breakfast and then wanders around until no one is looking then disappears again, she is not far away, but I cannot find her. I can therefore presume that unless something goes wrong for her, I will have some more chicks next month, will keep you posted.




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