Polytunnel in July

My attention has not been great in the garden this month, I have been visiting family in York, so plants have had to fend for themselves, which in a polytunnel is quite difficult and there has been a shortage of water.

Some of my salad has bolted before it should, but it has been good for the herbs, as thankfully they like dry conditions.


I have not previously had success growing chillies, without a polytunnel it is just too wet up here in the North.  But I have 3 healthy plants happily producing, so I am confident I will be able to store some for the winter months as well as fresh later in summer.

Another absolute first, which I was not sure about, but am sooo proud of it cucumber, I am sure anyone living in warmer climates or who has a polytunnel already will be quite  relaxed about growing them, but not only have I produce a whopper, there are lots more coming along nicely on my 3 plants.

And now to my tomatoes, there are 2 big benefits for having a polytunnel.  firstly, it allows me to grow veg throughout the year rather than the few summer months.  I had new potatoes and salad on Christmas Eve.  Even more important than that is my ability to grow lots and lots of tomatoes.  Again, as I have been dashing off to York, I lost my first lot of tomatoes plants as they fried in the polytunnel heat, but I have sown some more and some are now producing, albeit that most are green tomatoes.  IF I can keep the heat in the polytunnel they should ripen and I should have a bumper crop.  So fingers crossed, as I will freeze them for winter meals.


Oh and just in case anyone thought I didn’t have any poppies at them moment!!



Where do they come from!

But they are beautiful.



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