July in the Pottager

Hmm I hear you cry, nice poppies but not very edible.  I know, but I just love them.. I  have no idea where most of the varieties I have throughout the garden have come from.  I must have “imported” them as up to a few years ago the garden was a field with  grass and sheep in it.

I have actually had lots of produce as well; the fruit is doing going great guns.  Red currants, gooseberries, strawberries, a few raspberries.

The french dwarf beans have really been the first vegetables that I have harvested in enough quantity to add to a meal.

I know, any minute now I am going to be sunk by the quantity of courgettes. I have added the smallest ones to salads which have looked and tasted great. But I know I am going to be one of those friends who goes to visit people with a bag full of courgettes.  I refuse point-blank to make ratattoi, I am scarred by having it for too many meals during the summers when I lived at home and my dad would grow them and my mum, who would waste nothing would cook them, and then freeze it so we could have it in winter as well!  No I will not recover them that.

Some sheep managed to get into the pottager earlier in the month and eat the tops of quite a few of the greens.  I am not impressed, but still have a few plants in pots which I have added, but it is a bit of a miss match of what is planted where.

I have also placed poles across all the beds to stop the pheasants jumping and digging around and as such digging up the plants, or eating them!

My leeks have bolted, it has been so dry and I have not had enough time to water as I have been over in York such a lot this month, but, again I have re-planted some so I should have some for winter when they are really needed.

The cosmos bed is looking great and any minute now going to burst into flower. I love it and although it takes up a lot of valued vegie space, is a necessity, I remind myself that a pottager is pretty as well as practical.

My Armstrong runner beans are reaching for the sky and I should have some pods soon as there are lots of flowers.  My sweet peas have also, only just, burst into flower.  I have had enought for 1 small vase so far, the scent is unmistakable.



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