The Country Show

Throughout Summer there are country shows on every week in the Lake District.  They are often during the week, originally for locals to get together and show their produce and be judged for it.  In addition now a days they are also a great visitor attraction.  I love them, there is something for everyone and the effort that the community put in to show their cattle, chickens, sheep, horses, dogs, fruit, vegetables, handcrafts…. the list goes on and on… here are a few examples from Cartmel Show which was last Wednesday.

Firstly the big boys on the block.  I love the fact that you can walk into their tent, and right up to them, they are calm, eating away, wondering what all the fuss in about.


The big boys also bring their harem with them.

The skills of the young and old are also judged.

Including the ugliest fruit; and fruit and vegetable animals (these classes are only for the young before you are busy thinking up your entry).

Back to more serious crafting, there is so much, lace, quilting, the list goes on, but felting is looking good. Mrs Tiggiwinkle!

Now just in case you think you can get too close to everything, there are the home-made jams, biscuits and cakes, but for security?!! safety!!?? reasons…….. they are behind wire… honestly……

Do they really think they would get eaten (of course).

The local hunt attend, with dogs running everywhere apart from where they are supposed to be.  You also get the opportunity of “hugging a hound”.. Life does not get much better.

It is a great day out, I will be heading off to the Westmorland County Show, which is in September, with hopefully some more inbetween.






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