Garden inspiration

The difficulty with going out at the weekends here in the Lake District, is that everybody else has had the same idea… and headed here to the Lakes. Which is good, don’t get me wrong without the tourists the local economy would be in dire straights, we need the tourists, but it does make it hard driving anywhere. Luckily home is just off the beaten track and as long as I either stay in, or walk or ride out from home, no problems, it is just getting into the car and heading off.

Anyway, yesterday I had worked in the garden for most of the day, 3 o’clock came and went and I thought it would be nice to head out somewhere.  Where can I go without hitting the traffic jams of people heading into the Lakes on holiday for a few days…

And that is how I ended up at Holehird; one of the best gardens around, there is a donation box for your entry, usually hardly anyone there, and it can be got to avoiding traffic jams!

Holehird is the home of Lakeland Horticultural Society.  It has 3 national collections, and just amazing gardens.  I visit on a regular basis, there is always lots to see never mind the view over Windermere towards the fells.. anyway, why don’t I just show you.

Holehird has the National Collection of Astilbe, and at this time of year, when we have sunshine, and still some rain, they are looking fantastic from shades of red across to white.

They also have the National Collection of Hydrangea and again at this time of year they are looking fantastic. They are quite old fashioned and not to everyone’s taste, but in bulk, and whilst in flower, they are stunning…


How blousey are they!!

Holehird walled garden
Holehird walled garden

There is also a walled garden, with beds all bursting with interest.

And then, just around a corner…. the Hosta Theatre!! I love it.

As you may be able to tell this garden fills me with joy.  And if the plants were not enough, have you seen the views, over Lake Windermere towards Coniston Old Man to the west and the Langdales to the North.


Next time I go I will take more pictures and show the garden in all the seasons.



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