August in the Polytunnel

I think forest is the word to describe the polytunnel in August.


I have had a bit more time to take care of things this month, but it is hard to tell!  I have now fitted my watering system, it is not perfect, I don’t yet have a tap in the garden, so I use a hose pipe from the house, down the garden and in through the door.  I then have an adaptor which allows me to attach 3 seep pipes onto it.  I have wound the pipes around the beds and this trickle feeds water to them, when I turn it on.  I still need to water the pots and hanging baskets obviously, but it does mean that the beds are generally wetter and the salad is bolting less.


I have struggled with bolting salad.  I go from nice little leaves to tall gangly stalks with flowers in a matter of days.  I need to work on this, I could add some shading or put the salad seeds. round the back of the tomato plant so they are out of the sun.

My chilli plants have done well, just need them to ripen now.

August has been a funny month we have had a weekend of heavy rain which has caused flooding and has left the ground very soggy.

The Vervenne growing at the front of the bed is going great guns, and as you walk past it, it gives off its lemony scent. I have dried some of the leaves for winter, will let you have the details in a different post.

Basil is doing well, I have now sown all my old seeds, some dating back to 1997,  some have germinated, others not.  But now I can get new seeds and expect better germination each time.

Tomato’s I am so proud! There is nothing better that picking tomatoes off the vine, they are warm from the sun, and then eating them.

I have now planted some potatoes, (pink fir apples), that hopefully will be ready for Christmas.  fingers crossed.

Other seeds which have gone in are spinach and more salad leaves to keep things going n. into Autumn.


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