Slow roasted tomato, garlic & chilli

This is my favorite summer meal, and one of the easiest, and I make enough to freeze for nasty winter months.

It is also a great way of using up a glut of tomatoes, whether you have grown them yourself, or you can buy some fresh.   There is such a difference between tomatoes bought from a supermarket and home grown or from a local farm shop.  I do have the difficulty of every time I go into the polytunnel I have to eat a least one if not 2 tomatoes, so it is a good job a grown lots.


ripe tomatoes
Olive oil, lots, more than you think


cut any large tomatoes into chucks, medium size in half and 
little ones leave whole
peel the garlic but leave them whole
chop the chillies into small pieces, I take out the pips but up to you
how hot you want the dish.

Place everything in a deep baking tray

pour over the olive oil so there is a good covering and the bottom of the tray
has a good layer all over it

place in the over at around 150oC for around 1 1/2 to 2 hours giving an 
occasional stir

you want the dish to be slightly blackened, but soft and sticky looking

This is then more than a sauce, I use it over risotto, or spaghetti, or it can be used as a side dish with a steak.

Slow cooking concentrates the tomatoes so you need less than you think to serve.

I cooked a big tray so, put it on top of risotto for our evening meal, the rest I have put in small containers and frozen.




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