I’m supposed to be….

in France!!!!

But thanks to an air strike by the French I have been left at home, with my otherhalf already out in France; grumpy is not a strong enough word!

So I have stomped about a bit, and then had a word with myself. Here I am living in the Lake District which has over 17 million visitors a year who come and holiday here, so it is not so bad.  And in early Autumn the weather can be, and currently is, fantastic.

The mornings are cool but then the sun comes up causing the mist to rise and the views to clear.  to the East I can see over to the Howgills which are in Yorkshire. To the West I can see the Langdale Pikes and other fells in the midst of the Lake District.

So I have headed off blackberry picking.  I have frozen most as I love the luxury of out of the season taste, so a blackberry and apple pie in December with cream awaits, although I made one pie with some left over pastry.

I have also spent time trying to train my little springer spaniel, she is 10 weeks old now. She comes to her name and sits, all thanks to the dog expert Gwen Bailey and her book The Perfect Puppy which is helping teach me and Ellie about positive training, so far, so good!

Ellie admiring the view
Ellie admiring the view

It has been a very good example of being grateful for what you have not what you don’t have.

SL x

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