Mushroom hunting in the Lake District

There is nothing quite like a free meal, especially when you have exersice to get it.

I knew a good place for mushrooming, but I am not confident enough to decide which I can eat without going green (or worse), so I took my forager friend with me, and my husband for good measure.

The best thing about taking my husband with you to find mushrooms is that he believes all mushrooms are nasty poisonous things that no one should eat. So there is no chance of him wanting to eat the spoils.

The main mushroom being hunted was the chanterelle, and late summer to autumn is the best time for finding them.

off we trundle to the middle of the Lake District, not off the beaten track at all, but not on the track where a mushroom hunter has been.

And we found lots. We also founds lots of puff-ball mushroom, but these were passed their best and we left them behind. We were searching in woodland where the colour of the mushrooms blend in with fallen leaves so good eyesight is required.

Chanterelle are beautiful and yellow.  they keep their shape fantastically when cook and make a meal look very grand.

To Cook

heat some butter in a frying pan
add some garlic and gentry cook
clean the chanterelle by giving them a quick wash and add to the frying pan
again gently cook for 3/4 minutes
Pour on top of cooked pasta, and they are perfect.  You can add a bit of cream

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