Damson Jam

I “collected” my damsons from an abandoned orchard, which technically is theft, but, as they were going to rot if not take away, I call it “waste not want not”! I also have some growing in the orchard so collected my own as well.

I have frozen some ready to make a pie in winter when there is no fruit about, but Damson Jam is one of my favourites.


1 kg Damsons
1.3kg Sugar or add pectin powder and reduce the amount of sugar....
pectin powder - I use this to set the jam without having to use as much sugar, 
so not as sweet and a bit healthier - see the instructions for amounts etc
12 sterilized jam jars (wash the jars out then place in hot oven for 
10 minutes to sterilized)


place the damsons and water into a large heavy bottom pan and bring to the boil
add the sugar and pectin and boil for around 20 minutes 
take some of the mixture out and put onto a cold plate, to see if it sets
if not leave a bit longer boiling, if so it is ready to put into the jars

At this stage, the stones will have bubbled to the top so using a slotted spoon
you can lift them out. don't worry if you don't get them all gives people 
something to do whilst having their breakfast toast!

pour into the jars, leaving a small gap at the top. Once cooled, secured lids
and don't forget to label!!  something I am prone to do!


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