also known as stealing fruit without permission………… or as I like to call it “waste not want not”.

As this time of year there is often more fruit around than the owners of the said fruit can deal with. And locally to me this is definitely the case. So last weekend I wander off across the fields to find disused orchards.  In the Lake District there are quite a few empty properties, or unused orchards where the fruit is left to fall from the trees and rot.  This makes me very cross so I have been out and about collecting damsons and some apples.

The damsons were so ripe that most had fallen from the trees.  There are so many apple trees, a large number just grow wild in the hedgerows so can happily be picked.  Some are in orchards so again ideally permission to take should be obtained.

The damsons I collected, some have been frozen for winter pies but the majority I used to make damson jam.

This is just delicious on toast, but I also use by adding to gravy especially with the likes of pheasant or partridge to add a fruity taste to the gravy.

check out the recipe for the jam, I will post that next!




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