Apple Pressing

The one thing that is usually agreed… if you own an apple tree, you have more apples than you know what to do with.

You freeze some, eat some, give as many as you can to friends, and still there are bags left. So we are lucky in that here in the Lake District, there are apple pressing days.  Our local apple group who own a Chopper and a Press set themselves up and for a donation will chop and then juice your apples.

It is good fun and sociable.  I took a couple of big buckets and lots of plastic bottles.  The organizers do all the work, we just helped out a bit.

One person had taken crab apples and it was really interesting to see the difference in colour.

Once the juice has been bottled (in plastic bottles).  I put them in the freezer and reteive as and when I want.  Which allows me to have fresh juice all year round.

When it is pressed it is neat juice, no sugar, no water and no additives.  I took along eating apples so the juice was sweet enough but if eating some sugar is required as it can be really tart.

When I take the bottles out of the freezer, I reduce the juice a little either by adding some water or drinking with lemonaide or tonic water.


the end result
the end result

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