Autumn is here!

Autumn has been late coming this year, and in fact, is still not at full pelt.

The trees are changing colour and are starting to lose their leaves, everything is looking burnt orange and golden; not green of summer or bare as it will  be soon for the winter months.

This is my favourite season, candles glow, fires can be lit, and if not too cold the door left ajar so you can get the smell of the outdoor countryside drifting in.

I have had my puppy for 7 weeks now, and she has only had to go out in the rain on 4 occasions!  That will soon change and she will have to gain water wings, but for now it is lovely. We have also had friends staying with Tilly their collie dog, who we took for a walk in Kentmere Valley.


The garden is still hanging in, sweetpeas, cosmos and nasturiums are still in flower adding colour and scent.

One of the problems I have at this time of year, is; first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening when the horses first go out and before they come in for the night, it is cold.  But when the sun shines, in the middle of the day, the horses can cook in thier rugs. Which is all the excuse Russell needs to try to get out of his rug!


The last walk of the day is around 10.30. It isn’t a long walk, just enough for bedtime ablutions,  we walk along the drive looking up as the star filled sky, we walk north towards the sauce pan (aka the plough).  It has been so clear the sky is full of stars making the end of the day a great experience.

Lets see if I am saying the same thing come the end of January!

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