Lemon Verbena Sorbet

I bought a verbena plant in France for 1 Euro.  brought it home and put it in the polytunnel.  The leaves can be dried and then pour over boiling water to make a lemony drink, it is has properties to help with sleep.

This sorbet is great as either a desert, or if we are being really posh between the fish and the main course.  I made it for a family party, and it went down well.

10g verbena leaves
2 tbsp of vodka
480g of sugar
120ml lemon juice
2 lemons - for their zest
240ml extra virgin olive oil
480ml water 

2 egg whites lightly whisked 

Combine the vodka, water, sugar, lemon verbena,lemon juice 
zest together in a liquidiser.

now again this is one of my difficult recepies...Blitz together
then slowly add the olive oil with motor of the mixer running 

transfer into a plastic tub, and place in the freezer

after a couple of hour take it out and with a fork mix it up

add the whisked eggs by slowly folding in

then put it back in the freezer it will be ready in a few hours once set


  1. Recently I’ve tried making raspberry sorbet but in this I used a sugar syrup instead of the olive oil but I found it too sweet. Does the olive oil affect the taste of the sorbet? I might try incorporating it into mine.


    • Hi
      It was quite interesting, when I tasted it before it had frozen there was an olive oil taste, but I persevered, and once it was frozen, the was a faint taste, but not enough to tell, raspberries have a strong taste so I think it would work well…. let me know 🙂


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