Murmerings in the air

Starling murmerations to be exact……….. and they were fantastic.

A friend told a friend, who told me of the spectacular event taking place not that far from home, where not many people knew about…………. which would me that there were only a few if any people there with you and what would a few thousand or so starlings.

I have seen murmerations before, Leighton Moss in Lancashire has a great show, but I was there with a few hundred other people, which takes some of the shine off the event.

I was give directions up the road, bear right, turn right, and the wood is on the left…. I cannot say anymore… sworn to secrecy. So off a trotted last evening.

I got there for just after 3.30 on a sunny afternoon, just before sunset, and the views were spectacular.

But there was not a starlings in sight. Then after a few minutes, out of nowhere came starlings after starlings, and then some more….. and the show began.

It continued for over half an hour.

And looked fantastic. What I hadn’t anticipated, was the sound, the chirping and tweeting was really loud, and wonderful. Even when they had eventually gone to roost in the wood, they still chatted away to each other.

I did a quick video, which doesn’t show the starlings clearly but shows the murmerings. hope you enjoy



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