Turkey and Avocado Bake

Nothing to do with Owl, but, pictures of grey green turkey bake does not look too pretty, whilst wise old does!…………. and I was left with the vulture in the fridge, or cold room in my case as it is too big for the fridge!

This is a great comfort meal, and of course good and easy.  It is a white sauce with cream and a bit of sherry, avocados, turkey and stale bread.  I promise it tastes better than it sounds (or looks before it is cooked).

Ingredients ( to feed 6)

left over cooked turkey 
200g butter
200g flour
250ml chicken or turkey stock
250ml double cream
good slug of sherry
lots of salt and pepper

6 ripe avocados stones and skin removed, cut into thick slices 

stale bread (as much as you have or say 1/2 loaf) cut into bite size chunks 
200g strong cheese, grated

melt the butter in a large heavy bottom pan
once melted add the flour and stir for a few minutes, this cooks the flour
add the stock, cream and sherry, slowly at first to make a smooth paste
then sauce, if it goes lumpy don't worry no one will see

Cut the turkey into bite size pieces and add to the sauce and salt and pepper

Place the avocado slices in a large shallow dish

Spoon the turkey mix over the top. 
Salt and pepper again 

If you have pre prepared this, cover in tinfoil until you are ready to cook it
Otherwise, sprinkle over the cheese and chunks of bread

place in the over 180oC for 20-30 minutes until it is brown on top and bubbling

Eat with salad, or/and garlic bread

SL x 

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