Craggy……… Wood not me!!

Although after all the festivity, or more.. the unorganized self in getting to Christmas, I have to admit I feel a bit craggy myself.

My mum and big sister came to stay from Boxing day for a couple of days, the day they left was a sunny day and I was left home alone!  So off for a good walk with Ellie.

The best walks, so Ellie thinks, are those that go through woods where she can put her nose down and lurch from scent to scent.

On the far side of Staveley, the nearest village to me, is an wood, now mainly filled with gnarly old beach trees.  It is beautiful.

In the 12th to 14th century it was fenced off deer park, now it is looked after by the Lake District National Park.

There is a path, but really you are free to wonder, in places it is very steep, and it is a bit of climb up. But worth if for the views over Staveley and the fells beyond.

At the far end, you climb out over a stile into fields and drop back down to the village.

Where you then walk along the river Kent, past one of the weirs around the village, across the bridge and back for a coffee.

Not a bad start to the day.


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