Orrest Head to clear the Head

First free weekend since before Christmas.  And it was sunny, so off for a walk.  Just above the village of Windermere is Orrest Head and Elleray Woods.  The woods were donated by a local landowner many years ago and are now looked after by the Local Council.

Orrest Head was the first “hill” and it is not very high walked by Alfred Wainwright and on reaching the summit, the views caused him to catch the Lake District bug which involved him spending the rest of his life walking the fells and writing his books and drawing the walks he took.

It may be a hill, but it is worth the short walk, and the woods on the way up are old and beautiful.

Throughout the woods are old lakeland walls, they must have been around the big house gardens, but now they seem to just show an unknown history, behind the walls are just more woods.

There are old yew trees, their roots flowing light water down the rock faces.

We were out walking with friends and their 11 month old puppy, spud.  Ellie and he ran around doing miles further than those on 2 feet.

And then we got to the top, and got the views.  I have done this walk before, but it always makes me feel so luck to live in such a beautiful place.

You can see the Langdales, Coniston Old Man, down the Lake, out to the Sea and if you look behind over to Yorkshire.

The walk ended with a snack in Windmere where we got give a free drink of Vimto! when did you last have vimto, turn everyone into 12 year olds!

Apart from Ellie who was so exhausted she fell asleep on the shelf under the table whilst we all decided  “we needed to do this more often” which led to “where shall we go next”, the Lake District being our oyster!  So lucky.

Ellie after the walk
Ellie after a Walk

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