Felted Badger

How much fun can a group of ladies have with some wool and needles. It was a great way to spend a day.  I was expecting to enjoy it, but it was better than I had imagined.

It all came about with the question of  what do you buy your 87 year old mother who needs nothing for Chirstmas?  How about a day with 2 of her daughters making a felt badger.

The course was organized by Linda of Creative Threads of Garstang in Lancashire ( http://www.creativethreadworkshops.co.uk/) and was run by the famous Jenny Barnett (https://www.facebook.com/jennybarnettfelt/) .

Apart from the parking fiasco at the start of the day having to pay by mobile phone where the signal was not good and every call cost more money!!…. everything went smoothly, instructions understood and followed, lots of laughter and cake, what more could anyone want.

I had no idea what to expect, or what was expected of me.  It was a Christmas present I and my big sister had bought for our mum.  She is 87, so I thought if she can do it, so can I and if she cannot, then it would detract from my inabilities.

half way through the day, and with what I thought were bits of wool that could look like a penguin or a badger or a skunk, but not too bad mum, looked over and said………. “what I you making”, well as it was a course, which she was part of, where the end result was that we all made a felt badger, there were some concerns regarding my abilities, but more verging on hysterical laugher.

We were all give a bag containing half a sponge, needle and wool, not knitted, the sort that you find attached to fencing here in the Lakes where the sheep has passed under and left some behind, although it was cleaner!

We started with a body, moving to head then sewing in eyes and then ears, yes the third picture is of badger ears! Couldn’t you tell!

At the end of the day we got the opportunity of making a few extra bits, I went for little mushrooms.

I am of course now addicted, I picked up Jenny’s book and stabbed fingers apart, it will be fun.

Here is a picture of mine, the larger of the 3 (no idea how that happened), my big sisters star gazing and our mums (having to lean on the mushroom as legs not too strong)


  1. There should definately be a warning to how addictive this needle felting is!, teehee!.
    It really was great fun wasnt it, fab company, delicious homemade cakes and ginger bread biscuits…must try your recipe.
    Love your blog….haven’t found pic of the donkey yet, will keep looking.


    • Hi thanks for the comments, I think Albert is on one of the pictures looking not too handsome in his rug in the floods. May well see you at another class, now the bug has been caught


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