Goodbye January

People sometimes ask how I chose the name for my blog.  Well I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t really) and had no idea what to call it, it was January and it was definitely wet and windy, I sat in the conservatory, looking out at the rain and more rain and thought that described where I was.  As the year progress I could have changed it’s name to not always wet, and not too windy today, but that cannot happen, so I stuck with the name and 12 months on, having just passed the first anniversary of blogging, I am back to  wet and windy cottage again.

I am not a fan of January, (or February really) but I thought I would have a quick wander round the garden to take a few photos of positive things happening out there, and there are a few. The snowdrops are starting to come through, along with a couple of Daphne who’s scent permeates across the garden.

In the pottager, I still have some cabbage and sprouting broccoli, and the rhubarb is just thinking about making an appearance. So I have put the cloches on top so as to force it and get some juicy early grow for eating in February hopefully.

The fennel is also coming up strongly, especially considering it is outside, it shows how little cold weather we have had.

I also ventured into the polytunnel, the weeds had started to grow, but as the soil is so good it is easy to remove anything unwanted.

There are still some salad leaves to harvest, although a bit strong tasting now, and the chard is still going great guns, I only have the green left now, having picked all the rainbow earlier, but still good for stir-fry for another month or so.

My little helper was not too helpful whilst weeding, I had to stop her digging holes in the raised beds!!

All of these photos are taken on the same cold wet and windy day, but once finished I took Ellie for a quick walk round the tarn, and just before we got back, the sun gave us a very quick show.  And it almost makes it all better.  There is ice on the tarn nearest to me, and then the reflection of the hill and trees and the sun setting.


Lets see what February has to offer……………. no holding of breath here!

SL x





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