Cheats Bomb

Now lets hope GCHQ don’t get too giddy, we are not making a real bomb, just a chocolate ice cream version… If only all bombs were the same……

Anyway this is a cheats version.  If you want to be a real Delia you need to make your own ice cream.  I have on occasions, then on other, just bought a good quality one which makes this a very quick easy, but quite stunning desert.  My mother in law was a bit to keen on saying “Really!!!  you made this???!!!”

Firstly you will need cling film and a one litre freezer proof pudding bowl (any Pyrex will be ok).


1 Litre tub of vanilla ice cream, the best quality you can buy
1 Panettone (I use fruit version, but of course chocolate is great) 
fruit of choice or whatever you have in, here I used a tin of pineapple and 
a tin of apricots sliced
sweet wine 
a small knob of butter

300g chocolate, can be either dark or milk, (I have used dark) chopped into bits


Before you start the construction, take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften

Wipe some butter around the inside of the pudding bowl 
then line with cling film leaving extra hanging over the sides - this makes
getting the bomb out of the bowl very easy
Slice the Panettone, you can cut off the crust, if it is nice and fresh I don't

Line the inside of the bowl with the slices, leaving no gaps for the ice cream
to leak out of.

sprinkle with the sweet wine, (if children are going to be eating this,
it can be left out)

Spoon some ice cream into the lined bowl, to just under half full
put the fruit on top of the ice cre
Add more of the ice cream until it reaches the top of the Panettone
cut a circle of Panettone and fit on top of the bowl
cover the top with the clingfilm from the sides, if needed, add some more so it
is fully sealed.

Place in the freezer for a few hours (although it can be left for longer as with
any ice cream).

When you are wanting to serve it, take out of the freezer to slightly soften

Bring some water to boil in a pan, place a bowl over the top, don't let the water
get into the bowl, add the chopped chocolate to the bowl and stir until it melts

Take the bomb out of its bowl, remove the cling film and place on a plate
Pour the melted chocolate over the top it doesn't need to look perfect, 

Take to the dinner table and accept the complements!!

It is easiest to cut into slices onto plates.





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